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Beachcomber Camping Resort would like to thank the local businesses that donate to our Annual Local Charity Fundraising events.

If not for the help of these many generous local businesses & our campers we would not be able to help the local community benefit from our fundraising efforts.
Help us say THANK YOU to these great local businesses by patronizing their establishments this season! 

Local Charities!

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Habitat for Humanity:
Dear Beachcomber Camping Resort, 
Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Habitat for Humanity golf tournament! It is amazing people like you that make the dream of affordable homeownership a reality for families like ours.
Thank you,
Chelsea & Jackson.

Cape May County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center:

"Through donations, we provide medical care to the Shelter cats & dogs that our budget is otherwise unable to cover. We support a high-volume/low-cost clinic to spay & neuter cats in Cape May County. This past winter we offered free spay/neuter for cats & kittens to Cape May County residents. We issued 96 vouchers & altered a total of 109 cats. We also offer free spay/neuter for pitbull & pitbull mixes for Cape May County residents. To date in 2022 we have issued 46 vouchers through the “Pit-ty Party.”


We also help owned pets in Cape May County receive veterinary care that they otherwise would never receive. Often a health issue can be resolved before it becomes severe with an examination & antibiotics. Donations help us to get as many cats and dogs as possible spayed & neutered. This is not only the best course of action for pet health but also addresses pet overpopulation.


We presently work with a professional trainer/behaviorist from the company Philly Unleashed, LLC ( that is 100% funded through donations.  A trainer is at the Shelter every Wednesday 8 am-3 pm, year-round, to assist us in addressing canine behavior issues & increase adoptability. In addition, through donations, we purchase training & enrichment tools for the dogs that our budget otherwise could not afford. 


Thank you for your continued support!!"

CMC Animal Welfare Society:

"The $2,100. donation made to our no-kill, nonprofit shelter in December of 2021 was greatly appreciated & needed. The generosity & kindness that Beachcomber showed our homeless animals was incredible. As a 501c3, non-profit, no-kill, local shelter, we rely 100% on donations. We do not receive funding or assistance in any other way. The donation was put towards our veterinary bills & the food/shelter of our many cats & dogs. 


Specifically, we have a dog named Cali, who came in with chronic ear infections & was found as a stray. After multiple attempts at antibiotics & ointments to treat the infection, it was discovered by our vet, that Cali was resistant to most antibiotics. Once the right one was found, it still did not alleviate Cali's pain and infection. Cali ended up needing total ear canal removal surgery, which helped Cali finally feel comfortable & pain-free for probably the first time in her life. Your donation went towards paying for that surgery. I can name endless stories of animals we have saved but could only due to because of the kindness of contributors like Beachcomber. The animals thank you. Many people do not understand the cost & what it takes to run a shelter. In addition to the food, veterinary care & shelter the animals receive, there are high costs of heat/air bills, electric bills, gas bills, food bills, supply bills, etc...  The list is endless. So, we thank you for your generosity."

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